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June 12, 2017

Your Dentist in State College Discusses Oral Health and Heart Disease

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See the dentist in State College for a healthy smile and a healthy heart. Want to have a healthy heart? Then take care of your teeth and gums. Good oral health practices don’t only benefit your smile and help you avoid tooth decay, but they can also be a key to maintaining your overall health—especially heart health. Read on to learn how oral health and heart disease are linked and how your dentist in State College, Dr. Donald Marks, can help keep you and your smile in great shape.


May 26, 2017

Why Does My TMJ in State College Keep Causing Me Dental Pain?

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We use oral appliances to treat a painful TMJ in State College.Do you wake up in the morning suffering from pain in your jaws constantly? If so, you may have a TMJ disorder. Temporomandibular joint disorder, or a TMJ in State College, is a when your jaw muscles and supporting nerves are malfunctioning because of an injury or misalignment of the temporomandibular joint. You don’t have to suffer from this painstaking malfunction. If you’re seeing relief, consider visiting Donald Marks Family Dentistry.


April 2, 2017

Experiencing Jaw Pain? Learn About TMJ in State College

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Get rid of TMJ in State College with treatment from Dr. Marks. Temporomandibular joint disorder—usually called TMJ or TMD–impacts the joints that hinge the lower or mandibular jaw and the temporal bone of the skull. You can locate these joints easily by placing your fingers on either side of your face just in front of your ears. Open and close your mouth a couple of times and you’ll feel these joints working. When functioning properly, the temporomandibular joints allow you to open and close your mouth smoothly, so you can speak, eat, laugh and yawn. However, a malfunctioning joint can cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately, treatment for TMJ in State College is as close as the dentist’s office. Dr. Donald Marks will be able to determine whether or not you have TMJ and treat accordingly.


March 30, 2017

Dental Bridges in State College: What to Expect

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Dental crowns support and beautify failing teeth.Decaying, cracked or missing teeth affect your appearance, oral health, and function. When natural tooth structure is failing or absent altogether, dental bridges and crowns in State College from Donald Marks Family Dentistry return smiles to full health and natural-looking appearance. And, your restorative dentist, Dr. Marks or Dr. Martin, makes it so easy and quick, you’ll be delighted.



February 15, 2017

Missing Teeth in State College? We Can Help!

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Dental implants in State College create strong smiles. At Donald Marks Family Dentistry, Dr. Donald Marks and Dr. John Martin offer lifelike tooth replacements. Whether you have lost one tooth, many teeth or even all of your teeth, Dr. Marks and his dedicated team replace missing teeth in State College so well you’ll be amazed. You’ll look and feel better than you ever thought possible.


January 15, 2017

Considering Invisible Braces In State College? Try ClearCorrect!

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Looking for options for invisible braces in State College? Dr. Marks suggest ClearCorrect. You’re a busy adjunct professor at Penn State – you’re currently working on your Ph.D. while teaching several classes. When you lecture, you’re confident in the information you share, but not in how your teeth look while doing it. You’ve been aware of the crowding and rotation since you were young, but didn’t want metal braces as a kid…and you still don’t want them as an adult. What is the best option for invisible braces in State College? ClearCorrect from Donald Marks Family Dentistry is a fast, cost-effective, and inconspicuous way to give you a winning smile.

December 20, 2016

Are You a Candidate for Implant Supported Dentures in State College?

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Are you a candidate for implant-supported dentures in State College?When your teeth are failing or missing, your situation can begin to feel hopeless. You’re not able to eat and chew the healthy foods you were used to enjoying, and your nutrition suffers. You may also feel self-conscious about talking and smiling at other people because of your teeth. Did you know that it’s also affecting your oral health? You may be a candidate for dentures in State College and Donald Marks Family Dentistry can help!


November 15, 2016

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder in State College

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Learn more about the symptoms of TMJ disorder in State College.Chronic neck pain, facial pain, a jaw that locks, painful headaches or migraines, and clicking or popping when you bite are just a few of the symptoms of TMJ disorder in State College. This is a joint disorder that can wreak havoc with your neck, shoulders, head and jaw, and greatly affect the quality of your life. The good news is that Dr. Donald Marks and Dr. John Martin have solutions that will alleviate TMJ and help you reclaim your health.


August 18, 2016

Why Choose Professionally Supervised Tooth Whitening

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Before and after teeth bleaching or whitening treatment. Close-up of young Caucasian female's smile.

Tooth whitening has become immensely popular worldwide. Once a luxury reserved for the rich and famous, teeth whitening has become more affordable with take home kits and procedures being offered by most dental offices. People get their teeth whitened before weddings, job interviews and other important events because it makes them appear successful, healthy and professional. This has long been the common perception of whitened teeth, whereas yellow teeth tend to suggest a slovenly attitude. The shade of a person’s teeth is viewed as a reflection of their personality.

If you want to have your teeth a little lighter, then it matters a LOT what type of whitening you do. Dr. Marks has been doing teeth whitening since 1985. What he has found is that everyone needs a different or customized approach. To get amazing results with teeth whitening, a number of things have to be incorporated into your plan.

  • What whitening personality type are you? (want it fast, willing to work at it)
  • What is your enamel like? (thin/somewhat transparent or thick)
  • Is your stain superficial, internally gray or yellow? (Gray stain is more resistant to whitening and takes more time and concentration. Superficial stain will respond well to a good “cleaning”…you may not need professional whitening.)
  • Do you have sensitivity in your teeth? (this has a HUGE effect on what type of whitening you do)
  • Do you have any front teeth fillings or crowns (or porcelain veneers)?

August 6, 2016

Donald Marks DMD provides State College invisible braces

Get a straight smile quickly with ClearCorrect--invisible braces in State College. Discreet, effective correction takes less time and is more comfortable.

Many adults and older teens would like to improve the appearance of their smiles. However, they are embarrassed by traditional metal wire and bracket braces–that “metal mouth” look. A great alternative for mild to moderate tooth alignment issues is American-made ClearCorrect aligners. Dr. Donald Marks and Dr. John Martin evaluate State College patients for these invisible braces, offering them better oral health and great smile aesthetics. (more…)

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