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Dentures – State College, PA

Replace Any Number of Missing Teeth

As we age, your dental concerns and needs change. Dr. Marks understands this, and that’s why he offers a spectrum of care, from preventive therapies to help you keep as many of your natural teeth as possible to removable partial dentures from our State College, PA dentist that can provide you with a new, natural-looking smile.

What is a Partial Denture?

Partial dentures

Patients who are missing one or more teeth but don’t need a full arch replacement can often be treated with a partial denture. Partial dentures come as removable and fixed prosthetics. The option that is right for you depends upon your unique situation, and Dr. Marks will be happy to discuss your options, weigh the benefits of both, and help you reach a decision for treatment.

A partial denture consists of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored base. Teeth may or may not be in a row. The prosthetic either fits into the mouth via suction, denture adhesive, or, in the case of a fixed bridge, clips.

What is a Complete Denture?

Patients who are missing a full arch of teeth don’t have to continue to suffer through embarrassment and discomfort. Dr. Marks offers complete dentures that replace a full arch of either upper or lower teeth and provide a comfortable fit. Complete dentures are removable for cleaning and require follow-up fitting appointments. Each complete denture is handcrafted through our dental lab to look and feel as natural as possible.

Dental Implant-Supported Dentures

With advances in modern dentistry, we are pleased to offer implant-supported dentures to ensure a firm hold and incredible comfort. Dr. Marks works together with other area specialists to provide the mini-implant system to provide greater denture stability. The system requires the implantation of dental implants that function as prosthetic roots, as well as a retaining fixture installed on your custom denture. Once in place, your denture will rest naturally on the gum. The system allows for tiny movements while keeping your denture securely in place. Implant-supported dentures is a one-step procedure that is minimally invasive and doesn’t even involve sutures. In addition, healing times are much shorter than those associated with typical denture placement procedures.

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

patient smiling while getting dentures in State College

Before making a final decision to replace your missing teeth, you probably want to know how much it’ll cost to get dentures in State College. Since no two smiles are the same, the total price can vary significantly from patient to patient. During your consultation with Dr. Marks, he’ll conduct an oral examination and explain which factors will affect the final cost. If you’d like to learn more about what to expect, continue reading or give our office a call today!

Factors that Affect the Cost of Dentures

dentures and money on table

Many factors influence the final cost of dentures in State College, such as the preparatory work you’ll need, the number of teeth you’re missing, and the type of materials your prosthetic will be made of.

If you’re on a budget, you may be tempted to opt for a more affordable denture. However, just because it’s cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth having. Sure, you’ll save money on the upfront cost, but low-priced dentures tend to break easily and require replacement much sooner than anticipated. That’s why it’s always best to purchase higher-quality prosthetics!

Are Implant Dentures More Expensive?

implant dentures on table in State College

Yes, but there’s a very good reason for that. Implant dentures are more costly because they require oral surgery and the placement of multiple dental implants. Many patients find this option to be a worthwhile investment because it comes with multiple benefits. For example, since the implants hold the prosthetics firmly in place, you don’t have to worry about your teeth moving while you go about your day-to-day life! Additionally, they provide unmatched biting strength and longevity because they help stimulate the jawbone. You can also expect to enjoy your brand-new smile for decades as long as you take proper care of it.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

dental insurance form on table in State College

The good news is that most dental insurance plans cover around 50% of the total cost of dentures, mainly because they’re considered a major procedure. Of course, the exact amount of coverage you receive will vary from plan to plan. That’s why you should contact your insurance provider and confirm the details of your policy before committing to anything. Our team is more than happy to help with this step if needed.

Other Options for Making Dentures Affordable

woman smiling after getting dentures in State College

Don’t have dental insurance? No problem! At Donald Marks Family Dentistry, we offer additional financing options to help make your bills much easier to manage, such as:

  • CareCredit Financing – With this option, you can fit virtually any procedure into your budget. It allows you to split up the total cost of your treatment into smaller monthly installments.
  • In-House Dental Savings Plan – For one low annual fee, you can get all your preventive care for free in our office! Best of all, you’ll receive sizable discounts on other services we offer, including dentures.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the gaps in your smile? Contact our office and schedule a consultation today! We’ll create a treatment plan to help you achieve your dream look while keeping your total expenses as low as possible.  

Dentures FAQs

Senior couple with dentures in State College sharing a milkshake

Dentures are a lifechanging tooth replacement option, but you may still have some unanswered questions about the restoration. Here are the answers to some of the most common queries we receive about dentures in State College. If you don’t see the information that you’re looking for below, just give us a call. Our friendly team is more than happy to answer your questions and get you started with an initial consultation where you can learn more.

Should I Have All My Teeth Pulled to Get Dentures?

Repairing a damaged tooth whenever possible is always preferable to replacing it. Tooth extractions of any kind will only ever be recommended if deemed absolutely necessary, like when a tooth is too damaged to save thanks to extensive decay, severe infection or trauma that has broken off most of the enamel. If all of the teeth in an arch are decayed or infected with gum disease, replacing them with dentures may be a viable option. However, your dentist will always explore all of your options before recommending extractions for dentures.

Can I Sleep with My Dentures?

Dentists generally recommend taking your dentures out at night when you go to bed. When you first get your dentures, you will typically be told to keep them in your mouth for 24 hours, including when you sleep. After that, you should be taking them out each evening. This is because wearing dentures restricts the circulation in your gums, leading to soft tissue irritation and potentially speeding up ridge resorption. Taking dentures out gives the gums a chance to recover and get the nutrients they need during the night. The dark, moist space underneath the dentures is also an ideal place for bacteria to thrive. For this reason, sleeping with dentures has been found to be associated with a higher risk of pneumonia. Ultimately it is a good idea to take your dentures out while you catch some Z’s.

Will It Hurt to Get Dentures?

If you need to have teeth extracted before getting dentures, you are likely to experience some discomfort after the oral surgery. Take your prescribed pain medication only as directed. The discomfort should improve 3 to 5 days after the procedure. After you get new dentures, some minor irritation may occur while your mouth adjusts. If pain persists, give us a call so we can help!

Will Dentures Change the Shape of My Face?

When you lose teeth, your facial muscles begin to sag, giving your face a sunken appearance. Getting dentures will mean providing support to facial muscles that have collapsed. Ill fitting dentures may not be giving your face proper support, so it’s important to design each restoration so it fits perfectly. If you realize that your dentures aren’t fitting as well as they could be, you should schedule to have it refitted or replaced as soon as you can.

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