General Dentistry in State College, PA

We believe a healthy mouth is the foundation for all dental care. Regular oral hygiene visits not only keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh, but they also prevent dangerous periodontal infections from ruining your smile. In fact, recent studies have shown that reducing the risk of dental disease can also reduce the risk of serious illnesses, including heart disease.

General Dentistry Checkups for State College Families

During your visit, our hygienists check the condition of your gums, update your risk assessment with a thorough health history, clean out any bacteria that have migrated below the gum line, and help you with any adjustments needed in your daily homecare routine. We screen for tooth decay using DIAGNOdent, the latest in non-invasive laser technology. In addition, we’ll provide a visual screening for oral cancer, check the alignment of your bite, and look for signs of teeth grinding, which may require TMJ therapy.

Metal-Free Dentistry for State College Families

Why place fillings that are dark, gray and unnatural looking? We provide composite fillings that closely match your tooth's natural color, restoring the tooth while maintaining its original appearance. In addition, they create a stronger bond than silver amalgam fillings.

Children’s Dentistry in State College

Baby teeth, or deciduous teeth, need regular dental attention, too. They play a big role in your child’s development. Not only do your child’s teeth help deliver proper nutrition, but they also serve as placeholders for adult teeth. Dr. Marks and the team at our State College family dental practice understand unique children’s dentistry needs and provide a safe, comfortable environment making appointments a fun learning experience. In addition, we offer a robust variety of protective therapies to guard against childhood cavities, including:

  • Dental Sealants – we protect young teeth from decay by coating them with these durable, plastic shields that use safe visible light activation. No tooth structure is removed in the process.
  • Fluoride – our office can strengthen tooth enamel with in-office fluoride treatments and/or prescription/take home formulations as needed.

We believe that a healthy smile is a beautiful smile, and our preventive treatments and home care instructions will keep your smile spectacular for years to come. You can rest assured that when you visit Donald Marks Family Dentistry, all of our attention will be focused on you. In addition to preventive and restorative treatments, Dr. Marks may recommend cosmetic dentistry procedures to enhance your smile. Contact our State College general dentistry practice for your appointment today.