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August 20, 2015

Don’t Forget Your Tongue When Brushing Your Teeth

Having fresh breath means brushing your teeth and tongue.That clean, fresh feeling you get after brushing your teeth is wonderful, isn’t it? After a restful sleep, one of the first things you do once you wake up is brush your teeth (after breakfast). Brushing your teeth serves a couple of purposes: First, it helps keep your teeth clean by removing tooth decay, plaque and other bacteria that is too small to see. Second, it freshens your breath. Have you smelled either your own or someone else’s breath right after they’ve woken up? It can be stinky. Hopefully, you’re practicing good brushing techniques and cleaning every part of each tooth.

Your tongue can also help keep your mouth clean and fresh if you give it a good brush. It’s true! There are many people who never think that the tongue can be brushed. We’re here to tell you that not only is brushing your tongue helping keep your breath fresh, but it also helps keep bacteria off of its surface.  Our office in State College, PA wants you to know how important it is to keep that tongue as clean as possible. A good tongue brushing can go a long way in helping you maintain great oral health. Dr. Donald Marks and Dr. John Martin are the dentists State College residents can visit for priceless dental tips.

Why Concentrate On The Tongue?

You’d be surprised how many people don’t realize how important it is to brush their tongues. While it is important to keep a focus on the teeth, the tongue is just as important. As noted before, the tongue is like a mothership of bacteria in your mouth. Think about what you’ve consumed over the past 24 hours. Yes, brushing and flossing your teeth will get food particles and other bacteria that’s stuck between each tooth, but the tongue is untouched. Did you brush your tongue this morning? All the bacteria from that dinner you had last night is sitting on your tongue as you read this. If your breath is smelling a little funky, that may be the culprit. It’s important to nix bacteria it its source. Are you paying attention, Boalsburg and Pine Grove residents? Proper tongue maintenance is vital!

You’re probably wondering about the proper tongue-brushing technique. It works a little differently than brushing your teeth, but the goal remains the same. Brush from back-to-front either with toothpaste on your toothbrush or none at all – it’s up to you.

Besides having fresher breath, brushing your tongue offers many benefits, including:

  • Getting rid of tooth decay
  • Keeping sore throat at bay
  • Stopping strep throat in its tracks
  • Prevents plaque buildup
  • Helps keep stroke and heart disease risks low

As you can see, there are oral and overall health benefits for scraping your tongue. Who knew? It’s just one more step in a good dental hygiene regimen that you should be practicing.

Ensure Your Oral Health Is In Peak Form By Visiting Us

Start brushing your tongue if you already aren’t and keep those brushing skills perfected. For any other problems or to schedule a checkup, speak with our staff in State College, PA. No matter where you’re located around the area, we’d be glad to help transform your smile.






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