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August 30, 2017

Your First Children’s Dentistry Appointment

young boy with healthy smile thanks to children's dentistry The majority of patients who fear the dentist report a negative childhood dental experience caused their phobia. At Donald Marks Family Dentistry, we go above and beyond to ensure every single patient is completely comfortable in our office – and that includes children! We love working with young patients. Our team members chose to enter the dental field because we care about people and want to help them keep their smiles healthy. We want young patients to love visiting our office and caring for their smiles at home. Keep reading to find out more about children’s dentistry or contact our State College dental team to schedule your child’s first appointment today.

August 9, 2017

What Does a Restorative Dentist Do?

Woman receicing treatment from restorative dentistWe all work hard to keep our smiles healthy with daily brushing and flossing and regular trips to the dentist, but even the most diligent oral hygiene routine can have gaps that allow for tooth decay or damage. That’s where a restorative dentist comes into play. A good restorative dentist will provide treatments that preserve the maximum amount of natural tooth structure and recreate lost dental shape and function. A restorative dentist does all of this while keeping in mind the way any treatment will impact the appearance of the smile and overall health. Suffice to say, finding a good restorative dentist is key to keeping a healthy, happy smile on your face. The good news is, the general dentist you trust with your routine oral health and hygiene visits is likely also a skilled restorative dentistry practitioner.

November 12, 2015

Get the Facts on ClearCorrect Clear Braces State College

Woman straightening out her smile with clear braces state college, PA residents trustIf you’ve ever been told you need braces but said no because of the time, hassle, discomfort, or embarrassment of traditional metal, the ClearCorrect alignment tray system may be right for you. For many years, metal brackets and wires have been used to correct crooked, gapped, and misaligned teeth by tightening wires that pull brackets shifting teeth into proper alignment. Traditional orthodontics are extremely effective, but treatment impacts every aspect of patients’ lives. Bracket and wire braces require regular visits for tightening and adjustment, changes to diet and oral hygiene routines, take as long as 24 months to complete, and give patients a metallic smile. Thanks to advances in orthodontics, our State College, PA dental patients have a more cosmetic, convenient solution: the ClearCorrect alignment tray system.

October 31, 2015

Dentist in State College, PA Says Avoid These 5 Foods

dentist state college PAIt’s no secret that what we eat has a big effect on the way our teeth look. Like coffee, a well-known smile stainer (that’s why you won’t find it on this list — it’s been talked about enough). There are some things you may not realize are slowly staining your smile, though. If you’d like to achieve noticeably whiter teeth naturally this fall, your dentist in State College, PA says avoid these five foods.


August 20, 2015

Don’t Forget Your Tongue When Brushing Your Teeth

Having fresh breath means brushing your teeth and tongue.That clean, fresh feeling you get after brushing your teeth is wonderful, isn’t it? After a restful sleep, one of the first things you do once you wake up is brush your teeth (after breakfast). Brushing your teeth serves a couple of purposes: First, it helps keep your teeth clean by removing tooth decay, plaque and other bacteria that is too small to see. Second, it freshens your breath. Have you smelled either your own or someone else’s breath right after they’ve woken up? It can be stinky. Hopefully, you’re practicing good brushing techniques and cleaning every part of each tooth.

Your tongue can also help keep your mouth clean and fresh if you give it a good brush. It’s true! There are many people who never think that the tongue can be brushed. We’re here to tell you that not only is brushing your tongue helping keep your breath fresh, but it also helps keep bacteria off of its surface.  Our office in State College, PA wants you to know how important it is to keep that tongue as clean as possible. A good tongue brushing can go a long way in helping you maintain great oral health. Dr. Donald Marks and Dr. John Martin are the dentists State College residents can visit for priceless dental tips.


July 21, 2015

Proper Tooth Brushing Techniques

ThinkstockPhotos-474108613Brushing your teeth may be a habit that you take for granted. After all, most people begin to brush their own teeth around the age of 2 or 3 (with some adult backup), but what many of us don’t realize is we’ve never updated our tooth brushing techniques. Our teeth require different hygiene and care at different stages of our lives. One of the most essential elements of dental hygiene is proper tooth brushing, but if you’re still brushing the way mom or dad taught you as a child, you may not be cleaning your teeth effectively. Let the skilled staff at Donald Marks Family Dentistry help you make the most out of your daily tooth brushing routine. Call to schedule a dental hygiene appointment with our State Park, PA dental practice today.

Tooth Brushing Recommendations from the Dentist State College, PA Trusts

When it comes to brushing, we recommend double checking the basics:

  • Brush twice a day – brushing once in the morning and once before going to sleep is routine, and a 3rd brushing following your afternoon meal can be beneficial as well. However, all things should be done in moderation, and this includes tooth brushing. Done more than 3 times a day, brushing can damage gums.
  • Check your brush – If you’re using a brush labeled “hard bristled,” one that is not American Dental Association approved, or one that is more than 3 or 4 months old, throw it out and get a new one. The ideal tooth brush should be soft or extra soft bristled to minimize damage to gums and maximize dental cleaning results. Always look for the ADA seal of approval when purchasing dental hygiene items as these have undergone more rigorous testing for effectiveness. Replace toothbrushes every 3 to 4 months to prevent contamination and maintain optimal brushing effectiveness. This includes mechanical tooth brushes. Make sure to purchase a mechanical brush that has replaceable heads.
  • Check the clock – If you’re not brushing for at least two minutes, you are not thoroughly cleaning each tooth. Brushing longer than two minutes is even better. Many people gauge their brushing time using a timer, by brushing for the length of an entire song, or by brushing through a commercial break on television. Whatever trick you use, make sure to set aside at least 2 minutes every morning and evening to brush your teeth.
  • Brush gently – Whether you apply a great deal of pressure while you brush or just a little, you are likely going to remove the same amount of plaque from your teeth and gums. Brush gently to avoid damaging soft tissue or causing gum recession. Holding your toothbrush with only 2 to 3 fingers like a pen, pencil, or paintbrush is a great way to build the habit of brushing with less pressure.

The Bass Method for Brushing

Many people are taught to brush their teeth as children using big circles or back and forth motions with the bristles flat against the outside and tops of teeth. Many children are never taught to brush the inside of their teeth at all. While these methods may be effective for children with poor hand eye coordination who are just developing the necessary motor skills to keep up their hygiene, there’s a reason we don’t brush our hair or wash our bodies the way we did when we were 3. Why would we continue to brush our teeth that way? For patients who want to start a more effective brushing routine, the Bass method is an option the team at Donald Marks Family Dentistry highly recommends.

How the Bass method works:

  • Place your brush at a 45 degree angle to your teeth, against the gum line.
  • Quickly move the toothbrush back and forth. The bristles should remain stationary while only your hand and the brush move.
  • Count to ten, gently flick the bristles toward the biting surface of your tooth to shift plaque out from under gums, and proceed to the next tooth.
  • Continue this process for each tooth inside and out.
  • To clean the tops of teeth, place the brush flat on your biting surface and move back and forth keeping bristles stationary as you did with your other teeth.
  • Count to ten and move to the next tooth. Continue until each tooth has been cleaned.

The Bass brushing method is preferred by many dentists and hygienists because it encourages increased periodontal care, and maximizes the effectiveness of each brush stroke. Ask your dental hygienist to explain or demonstrate effective brushing techniques for your, unique bite next time you visit our office.

Contact us for More Information

We’re always here to help, no matter what your dental care needs, but we’re dedicated to improved preventive care so our patients are more likely to retain their natural smiles for life. Call Donald Marks Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment today. Our State College, PA dental practice welcomes patients from neighboring communities Spring Mills, Centre Hall, Huntingdon, Altoona, Penns Valley, Boalsburg, Lemont, Bellefonte, Lewistown, and Phillipsburg.


May 15, 2015

Donald Marks the State College, PA Preventive Dentist

dv1617007The hand that strikes also blocks is a mantra of the martial art form, Wing Chun. It means to be on the offensive to avoid receiving a blow from an opponent. This mantra should also be applied to your dental health. The best way to keep your teeth and gums at optimal health is to stop tooth decay, gum disease and other oral health concerns before they start. In State College, PA our professional, friendly staff will help you to achieve your healthiest smile and keep it for life. From six month dental check-ups and hygiene appointments, to fluoride treatments and dental health education, we help you land the first strike in the fight for your perfect bite. Contact us today to schedule your general dentistry check-up.

Check-ups and Hygiene Appointments Your Frist Line of Defense

At Donald Marks Family Dentistry, our skilled dentists and outstanding dental care services help you maintain a perfect smile. At check-ups scheduled every six months, we will screen for oral cancer, check the alignment of your bite, look for signs of teeth grinding that may require TMJ treatment, and use state-of-the-art DIAGNOdent laser technology to screen for cavities.

Oral cancer, bite alignment and teeth grinding screenings are checked visually by our dentists. Oral cancer often manifests as a lump, bump or sore in the mouth that does not go away over time. When you visit the same dentist every six months, he will take note of any areas that may show signs of oral cancers. Bite alignment and teeth grinding too are most noticeable when the same dentist views your teeth over time, but some misalignments and severe grinding are apparent right away. By screening for these items at every visit, our dentists help you maintain a healthy smile.

DIAGNOdent is one ways that our dentists use technology to ensure your ongoing dental health. While adults should only receive dental x-rays once per year at the very most, DIAGNOdent is a hand-held, laser device that allows your dentist or hygienist to view or monitor areas with potential for tooth decay. This highly affective device allows our team to find cavities in some of the most difficult to see spots, and clear out decay-causing bacteria growth.

Above all, maintaining a consistent dental hygiene routine in and out of our office puts you on solid footing to develop strong bite. Our hygienists will thoroughly clean and examine your teeth and gums. They will consult with you regarding any changes to your oral health, and suggest and at-home hygiene adjustments that may be beneficial. Our number one priority is your health and wellbeing.

Family Dentistry

From infancy, our teeth help to deliver nutrition to our bodies. Early examination of teeth or gums in young children can help our dentists diagnose and treat any dental health concerns before they can have a lasting impact on your child. Our friendly staff will put your child of any age at ease, and give her foundation upon which to build a life-time of dental health. Don’t wait until children have their adult teeth, we recommend an initial visit with our staff before the age of two.

Schedule an Appointment

Our team is here to help you with any of your State College, PA family dentistry needs. Don’t wait until you have a problem to schedule an appointment with us, stop dental health issues before they start with our outstanding preventative dentistry options. Contact us to schedule an appointment in State College, PA. We also welcome patients from nearby Spring Mills, Centre Hall, Huntingdon, Altoona, Penns Valley, Boalsburg, Lemont, Bellefonte, Lewistown, Phillipsburg, and the surrounding communities.

March 10, 2015

Restore Your Good Oral Health with Comprehensive Periodontal Therapy in State College, PA

200355327-001Do you have swollen or bleeding gums? If so, you may already have periodontal disease (gum disease). If left untreated, periodontal disease can slowly deteriorate your gums and the structures that support your teeth, eventually leading to noticeable gum recession and tooth loss. Additionally, many medical studies have shown that periodontal disease is associated with more serious conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Don’t take chances with your good health; schedule the periodontal therapy appointment you need with Dr. Marks or Dr. Martin today.  Donald Marks Family Dentistry is the leading family dentistry of: State College, PA, Park Forest Village, Spring Mills, Centre Hall, Huntingdon, Altoona, Penns Valley, Boalsburg, Lemont, Bellefonte, Lewiston, Philipsburg, Port Matilda, University Park, Pleasant Gap, Hollidaysburg, and the surrounding communities.

Are You at Risk for Developing Periodontal Disease?

  • Age: Recent studies indicate that older people have the highest rates of periodontal disease; in fact, over 70% of Americans 65 and older have periodontitis (advanced gum disease).
  • Tobacco Use: Many recent studies have also shown that tobacco use could be the most significant risk factor in the development and progression of periodontal disease.
  • Genetics: Some patients may actually be genetically more susceptible to periodontal disease.
  • Stress: Problems with stress can make it more difficult for your body to fight off infection, including periodontal disease.
  • Certain Medications: Some drugs, including oral contraceptives, anti-depressants, and certain heart medicines, can affect your oral health.
  • Teeth Grinding (Bruxism): Clenching or grinding your teeth at night can put excess force on the supporting tissues of the teeth and could speed up the rate at which these periodontal tissues deteriorate.
  • Other Diseases: More serious systemic diseases that interfere with the body’s inflammatory system may worsen the condition of your gums, including: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Poor Diet: A diet low in important nutrients can compromise the body’s immune system and make it harder for the body to fight off infection.

State College Periodontal Therapy Appointments

We offer gentle but comprehensive periodontal therapy that may include:

  • Scaling: Scaling removes tartar and bacteria from your tooth surfaces and beneath your gums.
  • Root planing: Root planing smoothes your tooth root surfaces, discouraging future buildup of tartar and bacteria.
  • Antibiotics: We may also recommend using topical or oral antibiotics to help control a bacterial infection.

In any case, we will work to ensure that your gums are rehabilitated and protected from further inflammation. Schedule the periodontal therapy appointment you need to stay healthy with Dr. Marks or Dr. Martin today.  Donald Marks Family Dentistry is the trusted family dentistry of: State College, PA, Park Forest Village, Spring Mills, Centre Hall, Huntingdon, Altoona, Penns Valley, Boalsburg, Lemont, Bellefonte, Lewiston, Philipsburg, Port Matilda, University Park, Pleasant Gap, Hollidaysburg, and the neighboring areas.

February 10, 2015

Dr. Marks Saves You Time and Money with CEREC One Visit Crowns in State College, PA

460571223Have you heard about new CEREC One Visit Crowns? A dental crown is used to cover or cap a damaged tooth, to restore its normal form and function. Besides strengthening your tooth, a dental crown can be used to improve its appearance, shape, and alignment. Dental crowns are also used to top off dental implants to provide an artificial tooth shape and structure. Dental crown placement used to take two or more visits, and required the use of messy putty moldings and the wearing of temporary crowns. Today however, Dr. Marks offers one visit crowns with CEREC dental technology. CEREC One Visit Crowns can save you both time and money by eliminating the need for multiple visits and uncomfortable temporaries. Make your CEREC One Visit Crowns appointment with Dr. Marks or Dr. Martin today.  Donald Marks Family Dentistry is the leading restorative dentistry of: State College, PA, Park Forest Village, Spring Mills, Centre Hall, Huntingdon, Altoona, Penns Valley, Boalsburg, Lemont, Bellefonte, Lewiston, Philipsburg, Port Matilda, University Park, Pleasant Gap, Hollidaysburg, and the surrounding communities.

What Are CEREC One Visit Crowns?

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is an advanced dental restorative system utilizing CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) dental technology to restore decayed teeth, place crowns, remove defective silver fillings, or place cosmetic veneers in just one short visit to the dentist.

How Are CEREC One Visit Crowns Made?

CEREC crowns are made in two distinct phases, acquisition and milling:

  • CEREC Acquisition: First, Dr. Marks will use the CEREC camera to take a digital picture of your damaged tooth. This picture is used instead of a traditional putty impression. The computer and CEREC 3D software converts the digital impressions into a virtual model. Dr. Marks can this use this model to design your restoration chairside. Dr. Marks then sends the design specifications to the in-office CEREC milling machine for fabrication.
  • CEREC Milling: Dr. Marks will select a ceramic block that matches the preferred shade of your new tooth. Using this block and the data from the acquisition process, two diamond coated burs will precisely carve the block into the perfect restoration. After the milling is finished, Dr. Marks will polish your finished crown and bond it into place. This entire process usually takes about 30 minutes depending on the size and type of restoration.

State College CEREC One Visit Crowns Appointments

Make an appointment with Dr. Marks and Dr. Martin today for your new CEREC One Visit Crown restoration.  Donald Marks Family Dentistry is the trusted family dentistry of: State College, PA, Park Forest Village, Spring Mills, Centre Hall, Huntingdon, Altoona, Penns Valley, Boalsburg, Lemont, Bellefonte, Lewiston, Philipsburg, Port Matilda, University Park, Pleasant Gap, Hollidaysburg, and neighboring areas.

January 10, 2015

Renovate Your Smile in 2015 with State College Porcelain Veneers

508126371Do you need a smile overhaul? If you have worn down tooth enamel, uneven tooth alignment, spacing, discoloration, or chips and cracks, a new set or porcelain veneers could restore your smile. Porcelain veneers are versatile and customizable and can be used to address many cosmetic imperfections at the same time. To renew your smile for the New Year, make an appointment with Dr. Marks and Dr. Martin at Donald Marks Family Dentistry for your porcelain veneers consultation today.  Donald Marks Family Dentistry proudly restores smiles throughout: State College, PA, Park Forest Village, Spring Mills, Centre Hall, Huntingdon, Altoona, Penns Valley, Boalsburg, Lemont, Bellefonte, Lewiston, Philipsburg, Port Matilda, University Park, Pleasant Gap, Hollidaysburg, and the surrounding communities.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of layered tooth-colored porcelain or composite bonded over the surface of your enamel to mask cosmetic imperfections.

How Are Porcelain Veneers Placed?

Porcelain veneers can usually be completed in two office visits. First, Dr. Marks will administer a local anesthetic to block any discomfort during tooth preparation. Your natural tooth will then be prepared with minimal reshaping. Then, Dr. Marks will make an impression of your teeth which will be sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication. When they’re ready, the veneers will be placed on your teeth, shaped, and hardened using a high intensity light. The veneer will be corrected to match the shape, length and form of your natural teeth. When finished, the veneers will be polished to create a beautiful new smile.

State College Porcelain Veneers Consultations

Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant, natural-looking, and durable. Make your porcelain veneers appointment with Dr. Marks and Dr. Martin today.  Donald Marks Family Dentistry is a trusted cosmetic dentistry proudly serving families throughout: State College, PA, Park Forest Village, Spring Mills, Centre Hall, Huntingdon, Altoona, Penns Valley, Boalsburg, Lemont, Bellefonte, Lewiston, Philipsburg, Port Matilda, University Park, Pleasant Gap, Hollidaysburg, and nearby areas.

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